eat and drink

antique about 'EAT and DRINK'

these are the stuff you want to own them but won't think of using them again, just a display now

1970's Guzzini  'Pic boll' picnic set, made in Italy, it's a great piece of 70 space age and comes complete with six large plates, six medium plates, six bowls, six cups, salt and pepper containers and a spare container. Width: 27cm Height: 25cm Depth: 27cm

1940's vintage felt padded thermos flask + porcelain coffee or teapot

It is made of white porcelain with an insulating sheath made of stamped aluminum and thin Styrofoam inner hull. Below embossed with WAKU, 1600/019 FOREIGN
Made in the Art Deco period of around 1940s/1950s Germany, coffee pot with lid, diameter: approx 11.5cm height: 22.5cm Volume: approx 1.1 liter, the silvery metal tubes (similar Thermisol) are inside with Styrofoam dressed to keep warm beverage Decor: so-called Ikora polish
Antique Hazel Atlas clear glass jelly jars with metal tin lids, vintage 40's - 50's
This is the hot sauce of Harvey Nichols, bought nearly 20 years ago, I love the packaging series of Harvey Nichols very much!
Antique Chinese vacuum bottle
Old style Chinese vacuum bottle
Vintage blue-green vacuum hot bottle from Taiwan

"Pion" Vacuum Baby Feeder 安兒哺 - Wei Yit Vacuum Flask Manuf. made in Hong Kong

"Camel" Vacuum Bottle 駱駝牌保温瓶 - made in Hong Kong

This ALESSI Juicy Salif, Citrus-squeezer in aluminium casting, mirror polished by Philippe Starck sure not an antique, it is just a 1990's product, but for the sake of not using it and just for display, it already turns out into rusted outlook....

Vintage American President Line Bread Dish 1950-1960 from the SS President Wilson
made expressly for American President Lines Ltd by CORNING