glass bottle and vases

antique glass bottles, glass and vases 

I found that most of the antique glass are crafted exquisitely and delicately, is hard to find at this age.

Bols Ballerina - 1960's - 70's product made in Netherlands
The Ballerina bottle was introduced in 1957 and these were sold throughout the world until the 1980's, in The Netherlands until 1978. Around 1971  60.000 a year were sold, 30.000 in the USA alone. In 1957 it was filled with 500 ml. Apricot Brandy, from 1959 onwards Gold Liqueur was also mentioned, later on Creme de Menthe too. The Gold Liqueur was also called Bride's Tears, enjoyed at weddings, representing joy or sadness. The ballerina wore a red or white skirt and danced on The Skater's Walz or on the Danube.

Antique clear cut glass vase
Antique wine bottle jar, bought from Canadian antique market

Antique bottles - one is Sun Crest, one is Smile
1950's Sun Crest 10oz bottle, Bloomington, IL
Smile was a brand of soda bottled around the US, which were made between the 1920's and 1960s
Antique bottles bought from London
This antique bottle is from the firm of Scholes Rostron in Blackbum - circa 1900. The trademark on the bottle is an entwined SRThis one is antique bottle from the firm of W.Lant & Co Coventry, probably before 1900svintage KIST  soda bottle is 10 oz. and was made in Stratford Ontario. It is clear glass with red and white painting
different Coca-Cola bought from different countries, such as Prague and Britain
an art piece bought from an artist long time ago, just like a rusted clamp holding an ice, it's quite interesting!

These two bottles were bought at the time of my Europe trip with my mom at Switzerland in 1996, I considered to buy them or not for a while, as they were too fragile to bring along and we still had a long journey to go after that time, but my mom said: go ahead, buy it if you like, no problem!!!!!! Thx mom! They are so beautiful!
ETTER ZUGER KIRSCH  - la fine eau de vie 41% vol 20cl  Distillerie  Paul Etter Sœhne ag zug  produit Suisse
ETTER WILLIAMS  Distillerie  Paul Etter Sœhne ag zug/Suisse  42% vol 20cl 
I started to collect glass bottle about 18 years ago, this one belongs to first group of my collections, I love the exotic colors of this Arabic type bottle
This glass vase was bought from Murano, the Glass Island of Venice, Italy, 13 years ago
I forgot when and where to buy this weird and unbalanced glass bottle, but it's quite cute!
I rarely buy the colorful bottle, but this one, I simply like the beautiful dark blue and the simple embossed line
These two beautiful dressing are the presents from my old friends 16 years ago, they knew what i fond of!
Honey Raspberry / Nature's Luxuries Ltd  610 San Juan Trail, Madison, WI 53705 /13 Fl. Oz