General Metric YS-250 - with circle and ellipse template and a ruler 製圖盤,圓形楕圓板平行定規組合
Yoshi take 製造元(有)吉武製作所, made in Japan

Ellipsograph YS-500 楕圓製圖器 , Yoshi take 製造元(有)吉武製作所, made in Japan

20's vintage foldable Corona Typewriter with box, made in USA

some old stationery
mutual adjustable hand punch, 50's, finger-tip adjustment for 2 or 3 hole punchings, Model No. 20
mutual products company, made in USA

an old chinese blackboard which the center was made from stone
an old Russian tin box

an old style plastic made magnifying glass with ruler

 an old style rubber + plastic ruler

 an old style packaging - Eberhard Faber - colored pencil

an old style miniature Tape Embosser made in USA and 70's packing tape made from Hong Kong

an iron hanger for stamp chop

'DERBY' pin hole machine made from Hungary

'GNOM' pin hole machine made from Germany

CHADWICK pencil sharpener made from Japan
Telephone list finder no.700 - CARL - made from Japan

'CARL' roll memo

'Swallow' air mail - featherweight - letterhead

'cha' one side tracing paper - washable - Nishi Nippon Chaco Paper Co Ltd

old little scissor made from Germany

old style scissors, ruler and old magnifying glass

some antique tools and boxes

old string made from Hong Kong

old sewing machine from Italy SINGER

antique lock from Germany

antique lock from China, Shanghai

antique stapler from Germany - Bukama Knirps A 24/6 

Old school wooden ruler (1968 Foreign EFTA) Philograph Publications Ltd England - apex learner's metric measure N385 - Front in green, Back in orange


vintage compass with a flashlight pen and a pencil / producer: USA / orange colour  (SOLD)

Shopping Reminder / Producer: Hong Kong / 1970's product (SOLD)
wooden child harmonica  (SOLD)

old matchboxes, collections from Czech, Japan, Austria and Hong Kong  (SOLD)
antique keys from Canada 
antique box
early 1945 Willys MB steel box for military use
Antique bottle caps, the left one is diet Vernors (1960's), the right one is TED'S root beer (late 1950's)
Kolok silk ribbon, Black, for use of Royal K.M.G, made of England
ENM DATER SELF INKING, model no. 4613-166-116, type 103, price marker,  made in Gt. Britain
a rusted clip
antique wrought iron hook - embossed with F&A mark

a pair of chinese style hooks from Beijing, handpainted ceramic with bass plate hangera pair of  iron hook 

a pair of rusted iron pin from Czech (prague)
A Heavy duty ex ships lifeboat torch from the 1950's in Chrome over Brass quality. 12" long
Marks: CEAG LTD Universal Torch Factory Dept  Cert No 98. Approved MOT (Ministry of Transport)
10" adjustable antique wrench, V-steel, BAHCO, made in Sweden, late 50's early 60's
antique hammer
antique magnifying glass made from Japan
'cloth self-peeding' - this one is made in China, the shop manager told me that long long time before, it was made in japan, then China merchant 'as usual' copied the design and sold at a very low price... then the original Japan merchant can't against the low price, moved the production line to China, now all these products are 'made in China'.
Sun - automatic hand sewing machine

an old measuring tape paper box from China
an old stand for my handmade jewelry, a wooden stand with two wooden and stainless steel clamp

Minolta SRT100X with Macro 1:5x (japan) and adapter ring Vivitar 58mm CIRC (japan) - this old film camera was given from my father, around 30 to 40 years

a pair of retro lighters
an UFO shape cuckoo clock, when press the yellow button, a girl sound will announce the time, bought from Japan 11 years ago