old tickets

tickets from different countries
I used to collect different tickets of different kind of activities at different countries, from them, you can find out the graphic taste, aesthetics and favorite colors of different countries, and reminds me where I have been to after such a long period of time. It's very interesting!

tickets from Switzerland
tickets from Spaintickets from Czech Republic
tickets from Poland
tickets from Londontickets from Austria
tickets from Germany
tickets from Italy
tickets from Hungarytickets from Greece, Canada, Quebec and Holland
tickets from Francetickets from China - Beijing, Inner Mongoliatickets from USA - New York, LA and Las Vegas
At the time of using the British Passport, I need to apply different kind of visa to different countries, very inconvenient. They become history now, but I still very enjoy the chop and visa pattern of different countries' visa, they looked beautiful.