stuff from China

some treasure hunt from China

actually most of these stuff from China are not so valuable and even part of them just are reproduction of the real old stuff, anyway, no matter how old they are or just a duplication, they are still my treasure.
An old 60's ruler used to make clothes in the past from my friend mother

A hundred years ago foldable ivory knife with a bag from friend's grand grand father

old Diamond Wind up clock from Shanghai, bought from China 15 years ago 

antique bridge from China with an wooden box 舊式橋牌連木盒 
old-style ceramic teapot from Beijing 
Ching Dynasty plate certified by national cultural centre, actually I'm not so interested on the chinese porcelain, but i like the suddenly cute colorful balls painted on the plate
Ching Dynasty spoon certified by national cultural centre 
old-style knife from Inner-Mongolia 舊式小刀連套
old paper oil lamp 舊式油燈
old cooper door lock from China 舊式銅製舊門鎖