weird stuff

exotic stuff, weird softies and accessories

I like exotic stuff and weird and simple shape cloth softies 

Lesney Matchbox 50's vintage toy, made in England and Vintage Solido toy car, made in France
 Lesney Matchbox - D.Type Jaguar

Lesney Matchbox - Pickford Removal Van

Lesney Matchbox 

 solido - Harvey aluminium special indianapolis - made in France

Solido - Vanwall - F.1, made in France

 Lesney Matchbox 

Vintage 40-50's Lead Toy Soldier - manufactured by PMD, made in England

Vintage 70's Master Mind

Vintage white Mesh Evening Handbag with Snake chain handle, made in West Germany

a vintage rattan bag handmade in BRITISH HONG KONG, around 60's to 70's 

 I'm addicted to the raw earthy clay stuff and exotic instruments, this little music instrument was bought from Prague

another music instrument bought from Hungary

primitive ceramic bought from Taiwan

an simple ceramic owl bought from Poland

a very heavy and big ceramic moon, a present from my friend

a ceramic sunny man decoration

an demon ceramic candle holder bought from Prague
This cute and raw oil lamp was bought from Prague

another primitive music instrument

This 'wulu' was bought from Thailand, I like the beautiful shape of it
This music instrument 'sasa' was bought from Hungary
I'm very fond of these gypsy lucky net, they were bought from Firenze, Las Vagas and Canada

This exotic drum was a present from my best friend who travelled to Indonesia
a compass bought from Greece

This raw ceramic bottle was bought from Istanbul, the concept is very cute
this bottle was bought from Prague (Czech Republic) 
This was a present from my friend too, I really like the simple and weird of this cloth softy
another weird cloth softy from my friend, a bit cute!
this cloth softy was bought from Japan, sort of a student's work, but i just like the simple and easy tear off color
the first cloth softy I made long long time ago
other softies I got:

this one is the exchange gift at x'mas from friend, the plastic is melted after the years, the neck is disappeared, so weird!!!!
these paper masks were bought from Taiwan Theatre
wooden mask 
ceramic face of a couples were bought from Istanbul
wood, stone and 'stuff' I found at beach, they have the pure beauty after the sun burnt and sea salt erosive

I'm obsessed to the Indian accessories and stuff, they are the first priority stuff I buy in wherever I travel

their price are cheap and handcrafted delicately